Who We Are



David Holyoake is an environmental campaigner and expert in climate change law and policy, as well as a professional musician and published composer whose musical output is partially focused on issues of ecological collapse.

Before co-founding the Swarm in 2015, he worked for many years as an advocate and as Law and Policy advisor on climate and energy issues, managing various dossiers for EU activist environmental law organization, ClientEarth. Throughout his environmental work, David became acutely aware of the need to emotionalize the debate on climate and other issues, the need for a step change in more creative, evidence based, and inspiring communications on climate change, and the potential to seed cultural movements to build new compelling progress narratives that challenge the destructive logic of the current economic model.

In addition to law and music, David has worked as a Creative Director for theatre and musical productions, took a minor in art history at University and remembers being so excited by the revolutionary manifestos of the surrealists, dada-ists, and others, while noticing that nothing similar existed anymore. David is passionate about the power of music and other arts to inspire change. He has a long term vision to embed artists in the thought processes of change, not merely as ‘makers’ to articulate a message. An experienced piano teacher and a represented Associate Artist of the Australian Music Centre, his latest creations combine live performance of new art music with multimedia projections narrating the impacts of human induced climate change.



Chris Aldhous is a writer, curator and creative director. He believes in the collective power of the creative commons and has harnessed open source creativity in such international art projects as HYPE and Ghosts of Gone Birds as well as launching the multi-platform Talking Peace Festival for International Alert in 2014.

He subverted traditional advertising campaigns to expose sexism in football and promote the legalisation of cannabis for medical use. He has provided creative thinking for a range of organisations across the NGO and social causes sector including ActionAid, WaterAid, Bollocks to Poverty and Global Campaign for Education.

He believes in the power of strange chemistry: catalysing curiosity thru the clash of unexpected ideas. This principle has been successfully applied to planting women farmers in London embassies, re-creating the sanitation problems of the Global South in a public toilet at Hyde Park Corner and introducing cookery lessons in rural India to educate young mothers about the importance of using soap. Next up, he’ll be opening a flower shop in Hoxton to highlight the impact of climate change on rose growers and the Maasai people in Kenya.



Forever Swarm is an ever-growing creative operation and we are grateful to have very talented team members contributing their time, thinking and expertise on a regular basis. So a big thank you to:


 Lauren Davies

Lauren Daves cropped

Lauren is an arts manager and producer working in the UK arts and cultural sector. She is passionate about the need for embracing new alternatives to the current system.

Lauren works with a range of artists, writers, musicians and theatre makers on the production of new and original artworks for events, festivals and venues looking to take creative risks and inspire and delight new audiences.

Lauren currently works with ONCA Centre for Arts & Ecology, the Brighton based arts education charity that presents an annual artistic programme on themes of environmental change. Lauren has an avid interest in harnessing the power of art to influence change.


Leigh Doswett

Leigh cropped 2                                                                                                                                      Beginning her studies in Environmental Science, Leigh decided to become more involved in a hands on approach to environmental matters, and spent 10 years travelling Europe getting involved in many small scale projects including habitat management and self-sufficiency.  This led Leigh to realize that in order to address environmental issues, we first need to address people and values. Leigh then gained a first class degree in Anthropology, and then studying for a Masters in Anthropology, Environment and Development at University College London, looking at humans and their relationship to the environment.  Leigh would like to dedicate her time to helping increase awareness that people and nature are not different or separate, but are one and the same.


Kai Reimer-Watts


Kai is a proud multimedia artist, Master of Climate Change (MCC) graduate, and climate action advocate. An innovator / entrepreneur by nature, Kai recently co-founded a bold multimedia start-up “Better Creative” that celebrates the arts as a powerful tool for social change. Currently, he’s busy adding his creative talents and strategic insight into the production of Beyond Crisis, a made-in-Canada documentary promoting smart action on climate. Kai truly believes in the power of art to facilitate profound, meaningful shifts both in ourselves and in society, and is a proud new member of the Swarm.


Kaiya Ferguson

Kaiya is Kaiya croppeda medical student with artistic passions at the University of Queensland in Australia, with a strong interest for public health. Through her involvement with a number of local and national global health groups, Kaiya came to focus her energy on advocating around the topic of climate change. She is acutely aware of the impact changes in the environment have on the proposed sustainable development goals, and views the struggle against climate change as a catalyst for a global mind shift away from consumerism.

Kaiya is currently the technology and media co-ordinator for both Towards International Medical Equality UQ (TIME UQ) and the Australian Medical Student Association’s Code Green Campaign. By day a medical student, by night a musician-illustrator-writer, Kaiya hopes to combine her passions to spark change in Australia.