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In designing and directing the Creative Factory with our partners Place to B during UN COP21,,  we piloted a new way of working, involving multi disciplinary teams of international climate campaigners, artists in residence, poets, experts in climate change, de-growth economics, experts in climate change communications, and journalists working together to generate more effective ways of communicating climate change. We proved this: there is HUGE and untapped value in embedding artists and creatives in the THOUGHT PROCESSES of change, not merely as makers who can articulate a message in fresh or emotive ways.

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As one part of our work on COP21 with Place to B, we tasked a couple of our artists in residence with coming up with new visual language on climate change. We learnt from climate communications experts such as George Marshall, and Jamie, Executive Director of Climate Outreach Network, that the old environmentalist ‘frames’ and tired visual language of polar bears, globes, do not work, are too politically marked, and fail to engage the non-converted. So here is a short series of rich collage art work created by designer Paul Beer in response to our economics and consumption brief. For Paul’s other collage work, visit http://pbcollage.blogspot.co.uk/  Taking the popular iconography of 1950s consumerism, Paul juxtaposes it to reveal the dangerous effects this has led to on our climate system and home. A nice foray into our think work on de-growth economics and fleshing out a more compelling narratives about system change. First works in his series of 5 for Forever Swarm are here. Other artwork submitted and featured in Paris at the Creative Factory will be posted here, and in particular in the ‘COP21 and Beyond’ page on this site.