Selected artists who submitted filmed work before COP21

In addition to those talented artists who came with us to Paris as creatives in residence in the Creative Factory for live thinking and collaboration with experts about climate comms and system change, here is a list of artists whose pre-submissions we selected before hand and curated as part of our informative inspiration in the Factory. Click the links below to watch the videos.

We are hugely grateful to these thoughtful artists, whose work sparked interesting discussions and helped set the tone, particularly in the opening days of the Factory before live creation began. Other artists who pre-submitted visual art that we hung in the Creative Factory will be featured very soon.


ARTIST WEBSITE:    http://www.rawart2.com/

Studio Portrait and Grandmother Pine Skin Dress


Richard is a powerful and thoughtful environmental artist. His stunning ‘Grandmother Pine Skin Dress sparked interesting discussion in the Creative Factory about the role of art, aesthetic trends and fashion in repairing the connection with nature in the mainstream, and in our recognition that in order to tackle hyper consumption, or indifference to the climate crisis or the systemic crises around us, we must engage with identity and change the status of key behaviours and values. Part of his series of ‘skins’ of natural and manmade objects, Richard states “… when the light shines through them [we see an] image of the earth’s warming and the effects of climate change” capturing the fragility of the balance of the Earth’s systems at present.



50 Ways to Tame Our Wicked Climate Crisis 


We were also lucky enough to have Belinda with us in the Factory as a participant, and to present her work. This excellent illustrated book will surprise you, and participants all recognized the value of ‘seeing’ achievable solutions, beyond the fatigued images of renewable energy, which represent only one part of the great transition.



The Fracktivists

Dramatic and symbolic portraits of resistance to fracking, from Brighton based artist Denise Felkin. Displays a diversity of female messengers and their reasons for opposing fracking.



Another great portrait project, this one exploring how lifestyles and attitudes influence CO2 footprint of UK citizens. Diversity of every day messengers and surprising results delivered without judgment.

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Gemma Challenger

Here is the first work in a short series by artist Gemma Challenger.

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"the climate crisis is also license for radical dreaming and creative renewal"

David Holyoake

Press conference before launch of Creative Factory at COP21

Here is an excerpt of the french Press Conference, held a month before the opening of Creative Factory, where you can hear Forever Swarm co-founders David and Chris speaking briefly about their plans and vision.


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Paul Beer

First up are a series of collage art in a popular style by designer Paul Beer in response to our economics and consumption brief.

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