Creative Factory at COP21

We designed and co-directed the Creative Factory in collaboration with ‘Place to B’ during the 2 weeks of UN COP21. We piloted a new way of working, combining creatives with topical and communications experts to think differently about effective climate communications, system change, and generate prototype ideas for how we might intervene in the cultural landscape.

Several participants described it as ‘transformational’ for their climate work. In this microsite, you can get a sense of what took place and what we achieved.



We want to help the community of over 180 creatives, campaigners and experts who participated in the Creative Factory during COP21 to stay in touch, and to continue to collaborate on effective climate communications. Please email info@foreverswarm.org  to be added to our email list and online group.  Or post your thoughts, work, or request for collaborative partners at our Facebook page


The Creative Factory is a hotspot of fresh thinking and new idea generation during COP21. Bringing together artists, poets, climate communications experts, campaigners and journalists from around the world, the Factory is a unique think-create tank operating live every day during COP21. It is intended to generate the foundations and big ideas for a new and more effective approach to climate communications. Engineering new visual and verbal language, exploring how to reframe the problem as not just an environmental issue, embedding the climate story within new and more compelling narratives of human progress and well-being, and dreaming up new digital tools, media resources and art projects that can help.

Part of Place to B-Cop21, it is a creative space and meeting place where people can gather and collaborate with a Makers ethos: the right to experiment and fail, to copy and modify, all the while having fun and sharing with others. We hope that the diversity of profiles and skills will enable this collective intelligence to innovate and forge the new narratives that will continue to take the climate change movement into the mainstream of public engagement and effective, meaningful collective action – now and beyond COP21. The Creative Factory is a dynamic and multi-disciplinary experiment, co-built by all participants.

The core team behind the Creative Factory:

Ophelia Noor, David Holyoake, Chris Aldhous and Tiphaine Bonnier. 

For more information about our plans for the Creative Factory, and the topics and briefs we will be tackling, see:

Guide to the Creative Factory [pdf]