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Experts with us in the Creative Factory

Here is a list of some of the outstanding experts we were lucky enough to have with us in the Creative Factory, either as participating…

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George Marshall at Creative Factory: climate and faith

We were extremely fortunate to have special guest George Marshall with us for one morning in the Creative Factory. George is a well known guardian…

vincent park

There ARE alternatives: interview with De-Growth expert Vincent – participant of the Creative Factory

“But there are no viable alternatives to the current economic system” – that’s a lie! In fact, alternatives to the paradigm of economic growth are…

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What our participants created: 18 prototype ideas for creative climate communications

Here is a round up of the results of brainstorming and team creation sessions that participants came up with in the Creative Factory. Across the…

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What we learnt about the new climate story

Article by David Holyoake, first published in Voices, Global Call for Climate Action. Click below Creative Factory: What we Learned About the New Climate Story

Press Coverage: Geothe Institute: Place to B and Creative Factory, Paris, COP21

Geothe Institute interviews David Holyoake about the Creative Factory at Place to B, COP21

In the above link, the Geothe Instiute interviews David Holyoake -co-director of the Creative Factory with Chris Aldhous and Place to B, about the new…

"the climate crisis is also license for radical dreaming and creative renewal"

David Holyoake

Press conference before launch of Creative Factory at COP21

Here is an excerpt of the french Press Conference, held a month before the opening of Creative Factory, where you can hear Forever Swarm co-founders…