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Camille Bissuel – our comic artist in residence

We were fortunate enough to have talented visual artist and graphic novelist Camille Bissuel with us for many of the days in the Creative Factory at Place to B during COP21.  In particular, we were inspired by his 8 page graphic novel he created, explaining the climate problem in a simple, humourous yet profound way, through the characterisation of three frogs: a western frog named Burt, an emerging frog named Fu, and a developing world frog named Dodji. We discussed the value of humour, of simplication of complex problems, and the creative device of telling the story through non-human characters, allowing for powerful understanding of the geopoliticalcontext of climate change, and the absurdities of states pursuing short term self interest instead of the action necessary.

Visit his artist website http://nylnook.com/en/

Or click here to read or download the graphic novel:  Climate Change Explained to Frogs23589670791_f993a4c514_z