Topic 3: climate, faith and spirituality

During our massive 2 week rethink of climate communications, piloting collaborative work in multi-disciplinary teams and embedding artists in the thought processes of new campaign ideas, we dedicated 2 days to climate and faith.

Inspired by our guest and climate communications expert George Marshall, we asked ourselves a key question: what can the climate movement learn from the story telling and communications techniques of the great religions?  We then set 3 teams to work on devising creative communications ideas to intervene in the cultural landscape, linking support and identification with climate action with spirituality. We challenged participants to get beyond the ‘environmentalist frame’ in their work. One team, featured first in the movie below, realised the power of ritual, and developed a concept for a dance called ‘the Flow’ as a new, cool, signifier of re balance and climate action. To provide social reward, the dance would have an online platform – a digital ap, where people upload the next sequence in the chain of the dance, over a sustained beat, and then pass it to their neighbour. Both the dance and the ap would need development to be launched and catch on, but check out how far they got in less than 2 days work!